The stitch room sewcial

To kick off this new blog space I thought I'd write about the amazing sewing weekender 'the stitch room sewcial' I attended last month. I was very lucky to have been invited as a "stitch therapist" (that's what it said on the badge...), which basically meant I got to wonder around and talk to everyone about what they were sewing.

So to back track a bit. The event was organised by Anne , a technician in the Loughborough university sewing room and Lucy of Sew Essential. The setting was perfect and all the attendees were given demos and access to try all of the facilities in the textile department, which included weaving, printing, and machine embroidery, as well as all the industrial sewing machines and designated cutting tables.

It was a mix of excitement about meeting online friends for the first time, but also getting the chance to try new things that we wouldn't otherwise be able to access. I did actually study Fashion and textiles as my degree, but the facilities I had access to were not as high tech as what we were being shown and there was no weaving. It was pretty impressive!

Here are some pics of Susan and Sal embroidering some patches on these mega machines.

The time all passed in a bit of a blur, but Lucy and Anne had put together a fantastic goody bag for everyone as well as lunch with this fantastic cake and then a dinner organised for the evening.

 My favourite part of the weekend, apart from socialising and building friendships (cheesy, sorry) was getting to view the degree show. I didn't take many pics throughout the weekend, but here are some of the woven textiles that caught my eye!

Thanks so much Anne and Lucy for having us and thanks Loughborough University for letting us all come and play! x